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  • Detox + Clear Change 10-Day Program
  • Post author
    Alison Smink R.H.N.

Detox + Clear Change 10-Day Program

Detox + Clear Change 10-Day Program

Detox. Cleanse. Diet. You’ve probably heard these terms before, and they may even connote a negative reaction, but I’m here to change the way you think about detoxes. 

First things first -  Why is detoxing important? 

We’re exposed to toxins everyday. They’re in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, and in our food supply. When toxins build up in our bodies it’s harder for the processes of detoxification to eliminate all the bad stuff. Even if you’re doing everything right, there’s still areas that are out of your control adding to your toxic load. You can definitely minimize toxin exposure, but you can’t run away from it completely. Detoxing supports your channels of elimination (including the digestive system, liver, and kidneys). 

There are many kinds of detoxes - from the infamous cabbage soup diet, to the recently popular juice cleanse - the market is saturated with the “best” program offering claims of overnight success. But, the truth is the best way to detox is slow and steady. You don’t want to overwhelm your detox systems. This can cause even more issues in the body, especially if the bad stuff gets recirculated instead of eliminated. It's important to have the right support (via supplements + other therapies) while detoxing. 

When to Detox

You can detox at any time, but it may be most helpful when you’re feeling a bit sluggish. It can also be beneficial to detox at the change of the seasons. 

Here’s a great list (from this article) to help you decide if it’s time to detox: 

  1. You crave sugar often 
  2. You have digestive distress
  3. “Seasonal” allergies are a regular occurrence 
  4. You eat healthy but don’t feel healthy 
  5. Your skin isn’t clear 
  6. You are constantly fatigued 
  7. You feel foggy
  8. You are experiencing regular joint pain 
  9. You’re constantly stressed 
  10. The idea of a detox makes you want to cry 
  11. You are struggling with your weight 
  12. Your hormones are out of whack 
  13. You smell 
  14. Your sleep patterns are messed up 
  15. You are depressed and anxious 
  16. You get cold sores 

Metagenics Clear Change 10-Day Detox Program 

This Detox Program from Metagenics is recommenced by our team of Naturopathic Doctors 

The Clear Change program from Metagenics helps to support your body’s natural detox systems. It provides fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities, providing energy and support for overall well-being. The program supports your body’s three main detoxification areas: the liver, kidneys, and intestines.

This program offers metabolic detoxification, which is a multi-phase process that consists of three major detoxification pathways. Most toxins are fat-soluble and must go through a transformation into a more water-soluble form before they can be eliminated. This is where the three phase detoxification comes into play:

Phase I - enzymes in the liver breakdown foreign chemical substances, which produces highly reactive, free radical molecules that can impact cellular function unless further processed

Phase II - large molecules join together with modified foreign chemical substances to produce water-soluble substances that can be removed from the body 

Phase III - During elimination, water-soluble substances are excreted mainly via the urine or stool

What’s included? 

UltraClear Renew - formulated to deliver advanced, specialized nutritional support for Phase I, II, and III detoxification, with enhanced support for the body’s natural alkalization and heavy metal metabolism processes

AdvaClear - supports daily detoxification for optimal vitality and health 

Shaker Cup

Meal Plan/ Guide - provides sample meals and a recommended food list for each stage of the detoxification process 

More support available at Ravita and Divine Elements: 

IV Therapy - specifically the Detox IV and the Chelation IV (upon doctor’s approval) 

Clear Change Daily Essentials - provides antioxidant support 

LivCo - supports liver function and detoxification 

SulforaClear - provides antioxidants against cellar damage 


Alison Smink, R.H.N. 



  • Post author
    Alison Smink R.H.N.